Guidance Notes

The Registration Authority issues guidance notes on certain aspects of ADGM's commercial legislation with the intention to communicate and explain:

  • The registration and incorporation processes and requirements, to assist applicants setting up in ADGM; and
  • Interpretation of commercial regulations and rules, to assist registered entities meet their obligations.

Being guidance, it is not legally binding on the Registration Authority, applicants or registered entities. Further advice from a professional may be required.

Guidance for Applicants

The guidance for applicants provides information on completing the application to register an entity in ADGM and should be read in conjunction  with the relevant legislation. The Guidance Notes do not cover other requirements as set out in the relevant legislation such as contact with the court and other internal obligations that a company will need to consider and carry out. Please find the guidance for applicants below:

Guidance for Registered Entities

The following guidance notes provide information and interpretation on ADGM’s commercial legislation for existing registered entities.


Onshore Government Authorities Approval Guidelines

The Registration Authority in ADGM is adopting a process that all retail businesses are required to obtain an Abu Dhabi government authorities approval prior operating the businesses.

To view the list of authorities and the applicable activities, please click here.


Guidance for the ownership of Dubai property interests by an ADGM entity

On October 24th, 2018 the RA and the DLD signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) which contains provisions stipulating ownership of plots of land or properties (or any right related thereto) in the designated areas of Dubai by ADGM registered companies and partnerships.

It should be noted that ownership of Dubai plots of land or properties by ADGM registered entities would still be subject to the local rules governing the ownership of properties in Dubai.

For detailed guidance click here.

For summary guidance click here.


Guidance for Corporate Beneficial Ownership & Control 

Beneficial ownership identification forms are an integral part of ADGM’s application review process in registering a legal entity in ADGM. An applicant must provide such information at the time of incorporation and this information must be kept up to date during the life cycle of the legal entity.

In particular, applicable ADGM entities must keep a record of the required particulars of their beneficial owners in a ‘record of beneficial owners’ and notify the Registrar of any changes in beneficial ownership.

For detailed guidance click here.

For summary guidance click here.



Please find below a variety of resolutions templates that can be used to support your application.  Please note that the resolutions templates are drafted in the proposed format.  These resolutions are not prescribed.  You may choose to use the resolutions templates in their present form or modify them according to your particular requirements.  ADGM Registration Authority provides these sample resolutions to support applications.  These resolutions templates do not constitute legal advice or opinion of any kind.




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Below are a variety of Registry Templates. You may choose to use these templates in their present form or modify them according to your particular requirements.

Kindly note that these have been issued by the Registration Authority as guidance only and we do not take any responsibility for any losses or liabilities that may arise from the use of these templates.


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