The Business Development team of the Registration Authority is the first point of contact for companies that wish to conduct Non-Financial activities within the ADGM.

This includes:

  • Professional service providers, such as law firms and accounting firms, consultants, business training providers, IT and HR/search firms
  • Corporate headquarters, management offices and treasury functions
  • Single family offices and proprietary investment entities
  • Holding companies and special purpose vehicles
  • Industry and professional associations
  • Retail outlets, F&B and services

Companies that wish to undertake Financial activities should contact the FSRA Financial Center Development team. 




1. Contact the Business Development team to set up a meeting

The team will provide you an overview of options, regulations, application process and requirements and help you with any other questions that you may have about ADGM. Please see contact details below.


2. Complete the Business Application form

To start the process, you need to complete the “Business Application form” and submit the required documentation and fees.

The application form can be completed using our Online Registration Solution which can be accessed here. Alternatively you can view an example of the forms at the end of this page.

On the Business Application form you will be requested to select your Legal Entity type, to view full list of Entity types, click here.

If you have any questions, the Business Development team will assist you.


3. Application processing

Once you have successfully completed the application form and submitted the required documentation, your application will be processed. The average processing time is 3 business days depending on the volume of applications which have been received.


4. Next steps

Once your application has been approved you can progress to the Registration and Incorporation process. Please see the Registration and Incorporation page for more details.

The guidance documents below outline in more detail the process.

In addition please view the FAQs page of the Registration Authority for more details on Permitted Business Activities, Fees etc. The FAQs page can be located here.


How to contact us:

Please feel free to contact us at any time by emailing us at

Telephone: +971 2 333 8888 

(Select Registration Authority, and then option 1 to speak with the Business Development team)

Opening hours: 9:00am to 3:00pm (Sunday to Thursday)



All forms are made available on the ADGM Online Registry Solution.

Should you require to submit hard copy paper form, please contact the Registration Authority by sending an email to

Please note that filing of forms and supporting documents is accepted by the office of the Registration Authority in good faith without any need for the Registrar to inquire into the veracity and accuracy of every filing received by