Stable Financial System

To maintain a robust and stable financial system that safeguards the integrity of the whole financial platform by managing any potential exposure of risks and undesirable impact. The Regulator will not interfere with the functions of an efficient market nor influence market forces. In the event of a company or institution default, the Regulator will seek to minimise disruption to and undesirable impact on the whole market, including participants of the ADGM markets.

Fair, Efficient and Transparent Markets

ADGM believes that a fair, efficient and transparent marketplace is fundamental in meeting the dynamic and growing needs of the Abu Dhabi economy and global markets. It is also necessary to gain the trust of consumers, institutions and other market participants in the long term. ADGM aims to develop and manage an open and enduring marketplace that facilitates unbiased market activities. Financial and member institutions can expect to operate with certainty that fair play is advocated and adhered to by all market participants at ADGM. Consumers can trade with confidence that their financial transactions are fair, orderly and accountable.

With reference to its rules, ADGM values substance over form. The ADGM rules and regulatory policies will be of a high standard, consistent with internationally recognised standards. In addition, ADGM will ensure that its rules on deterring market manipulation, fraud and other unfair practices are aligned with global best practices. Being one of the key stakeholders of the marketplace, institutions will be expected to be transparent in their dealings with clients providing necessary information to enable informed decision-making. ADGM also aims to strike an appropriate balance between international best practices and the needs and conditions of the local marketplace.

Safe and Efficient Infrastructure

ADGM will establish a world class payment and settlement system to support and facilitate all the financial activities in its marketplace. Financial institutions, corporates and consumers will be able to take advantage of ADGM’s reliable and efficient infrastructure to carry out their domestic and international financial transactions.

High Level of Regulatory Transparency & Engagement

ADGM will maintain an open and transparent approach in its regulatory operations that is consistent with its statutory obligations and interests of the marketplace. ADGM will regularly reach out to all its market users and stakeholders, when appropriate, through public consultations and engagements on introduction and amendments of rules and policies.

Informed and Enpowered Consumers

ADGM will require all relevant information by financial institutions, product providers and member firms to be clear, accurate and adequate so that consumers, investors and market participants can make their decisions in a well-informed manner. They will be responsible for their respective financial decisions. ADGM's rules will incorporate a certain level of consumer protection to safeguard consumers’ and/or investors’ interests.