ADGM Arbitration Centre has entered into a number of collaboration agreements with other arbitration centres and organisations around the world.

The agreements provide a framework for collaboration and are intended to benefit end-users of both arbitration and mediation. They are designed to foster a sense of community and mutual support with the ultimate goal of enhancing the accessibility, efficiency, and effectiveness of arbitration and mediation, both regionally and internationally.

ADGM Arbitration Centre is a state-of-the-art hearing facility and not an institution. Therefore, we encourage the use of our facilities by parties regardless of which institution they choose to administer their arbitration. In addition, parties can make use of ADGM Arbitration Centre’s facilities and services even where the legal place of the arbitration is outside of ADGM. The facilities are also available for all types of mediation cases.

To date, ADGM has signed collaboration agreements with the following entities:

Arbitration Institutions

Other Partners