Why arbitrate in ADGM?

Neutral venue:

A neutral and independent venue which adopts international best-practice standards


Strategically located between the east and west and trade corridors providing a centrepoint for geographical spread locations

World class hearing facilities:

State-of-the-art, fully digitised services

Progressive arbitration framework:

State-of-the-art, fully digitised services


ADGM arbitral awards are enforceable under the New York Convention in more than 150 countries; multi-lateral and bilateral treaties with certain countries; and MOUs with leading international common law jurisdictions

Pro-arbitration judiciary:

ADGM Courts’ Judges are from jurisdictions that have an established track record of strongly supporting the arbitral process, including England & Wales, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand

ICC Case Management Office:

Fully operational from 1 April 2021; no restriction on parties choosing another arbitral institution to administer their arbitration


A regulatory framework that reflects the consensual nature of arbitration and allows parties’ choice in their arbitral rules

Pro-arbitration judiciary:

The Centre is located on Al Maryah Island in Abu Dhabi, closeby to international hotels, eateries, a mall and lifestyle amenities. For more information please see our panel of arbitrators and our arbitration guidelines


What makes ADGM a “safe seat”?

  • Strong framework
  • Competent legal profession
  • Accessible
  • Diversity and ethics
  • Functional facilities
  • Arbitrator immunity
  • Supportive judiciary
  • Choice of legal representation
  • Training
  • Functional facilities
  • Adherence to international treaties

* Chartered Institute of Arbitrators “London Principles”


‘jurisdiction that has made great progress’ by the gar awards 2020