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One of our ADGM’s commitments is working with the relevant authorities in China and Abu Dhabi to support the RMB internationalisation strategy and build up a robust RMB centre serving the MENA region via ADGM.

If you are a financial or non-financial entity interested in entering the China market, the ADGM China office can assist you in identifying the opportunities and connecting you with the relevant parties in China.

If you are a Chinese firm interested in expanding your footprint into the UAE, we will support you in connecting with the relevant potential partners in Abu Dhabi and the wider UAE. We also work with you to set up efficiently and with ease in ADGM.


The Belt and Road initiative

The Belt and Road initiative is part of a major development strategy launched by the Chinese government to promote economic co-operation among countries along the Belt and Road routes connecting Asia, Europe and Africa. The initiative focuses on: financial integration, trade and investment, policy coordination, cultural exchange and facilities connectivity.

One Belt Economics

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One Road Economics

The Belt and Road Initiative
Calvin Fu - ADGM China Office
ADGM has established close cooperation with nearly 100 Chinese financial institutions and enterprises and is in advanced discussions with 10 institutions in banking, asset management, investment banking, insurance and FinTech. In the next few months, a group of Chinese entities will emerge from these institutions to expand their global footprint in Abu Dhabi. We will also see a number of local and international entities leveraging our advantage to support the Belt and Road Initiative.
Calvin Fu
Chief Representative, ADGM China Office

ADGM China Office

ADGM established its first international representative office in Beijing, the capital of the People's Republic of China in May 2018.

As an International Financial Centre and Financial Services Regulator, ADGM recognises the importance of fostering greater regulatory collaboration, bolstering connectivity and creating new opportunities among like-minded economies. At the launch of its China office, ADGM entered into new collaborations with the UAE-China Industrial Co-operation Demonstration Zone, Shanghai Stock Exchange, Asian Financial Co-operation Association, and Guo-Tai Jun-An Securities. 
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ADGM China milestones and achievements

July 2019

Beijing Municipal Bureau of Local Financial Regulation and ADGM partner to support leading financial institutions of Abu Dhabi and the Middle East to establish in Beijing.

July 2019

National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) of China to establish a Belt-and-Road investment and financing Centre in ADGM.

July 2019

China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) to hub its Global Treasury and establish an investment and financing center in ADGM.

July 2019

Chinese Fortune 500 Everbright Group to establish office in ADGM and a platform for financial and investment funds.

March 2019

ADGM and the Hainan Provincial Government agree to boost financial collaboration via Hainan Free TradeZone, the first such agreement with the Middle East.

July 2019

OneConnect Financial Technology, subsidiary of Ping An Group, to assist Chinese FinTech community to tap on ADGM as their platform to develop, test and launch innovative FinTech products in Abu Dhabi and MENA markets.

July 2018

Jiangsu government establishes state-owned financial services firm in ADGM to support Belt and Road initiative.

June 2018

ADGM and the Hong Kong Monetary Authority advance FinTech cooperation for cross-border growth opportunities.

May 2018

ADGM establishes its first representative office in Beijing.

April 2018

ADGM and the Shanghai Stock Exchange collaborate on the establishment of an international Belt and Road Exchange in ADGM.

July 2017

Qianhai Authority and Abu Dhabi Global Market partner to promote investment and FinTech cooperation.

August 2016

ADGM to meet Chinese investment professionals at China Investment Conference 2016.

July 2016

ADGM and Shanghai Free Trade Zone Authority agree on bilateral cooperation.

July 2016

ADGM and China Securities Regulatory Commission sign agreement on market and regulatory collaboration.

May 2016

ADGM’s FSRA and the China Banking Regulatory Commission sign MoU.

February 2016

ADGM and ADX’s hold successful meetings with key financial stakeholders in China.

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